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‚ÄčOur bodies are under continual assault. From Big Agra feeding us a chemically-laced and GMO food supply, Big Pharma pumping us with toxic drugs, leaching of neurotoxins from our dental work, mercury in our vaccines, and hormone disruptors in our water, in our packaged food, and in our homes - we are battling known hazards 24x7. And our children are even more vulnerable to these clear and present dangers of known poisonous exposure that we're told to go along with as "conventional" with impunity…

Our Mission

Reluctant Preppers believes that we are living in a time of unprecedented risk, and that it is necessary and increasingly urgent for responsible people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their families from the coming financial upheaval. I've learned that we cannot depend on the system to protect our interests and our families; we need to step up and take prudent action ourselves. I've also learned there are some basic first steps and some trustworthy resources to help us start insuring what we cannot afford to lose. I'm educating myself as a reluctant prepper, and the purpose of this Reluctant Preppers site is to share with as many other responsible folks as I can an understanding of why it is necessary to take action and how we can get started taking care of the basics now, before the system fails. I care about our families and my mission is to help us increase all of our families' safety and preparedness.


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