Rigged Markets & ZIRP Forcing Us All Into Gambling | Rob Kirby (Oct 24 2019)

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“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run”

~Kenny Rogers, The Gambler


With High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and Plunge Protection Team (PPT) intervention in markets destroying both fundamental and technical investing…

With Zero and Negative Interest Rate Policies (ZIRP & NIRP) forcing fund managers, pension managers, and even safety-seeking investors into reckless speculation in the casino of our sinking ship of state…

With each passing day, our dystopic financial Titanic lists further into the deep, and our risk exposure breaches formerly unthinkable crisis levels…

What is a person to do, to retain their bearings, to regain solid footing, and to secure a lifeboat for their loves ones?

Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby returns to Reluctant Preppers to inform us that the evacuation horn is blasting, thought it’s hard to hear over the Cheerleader in Chief loudly tweeting “Everything’s Incredible! Hugest Cruise Ever!” from the bridge. Kirby offers sage wisdom to those ready to don their life vests!